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If you’ve ever been to Oia on the island of Sanorini in Greece to watch the sunset you know what I mean when I talk about the thunderous applause heard as the sun sets. In that moment though thousands are watching there isn’t a sound and as she tucks behind the horizon to rest the island erupts with a moment of applause. I watched it happen three nights in a row. She’s just doing her thing, dancing along the ocean and kissing the water and we all watch in awe mesmerized by her beauty all leaving a little bit happier. 

On my last of three nights I decided to look the other way, not to ignore her beauty but to capture something just as beautiful. The moon. He quietly approaches kissed by her light in a silent smile as if to say- I see you, it’s your time to shine and I love you. 

I’d like to thing this is how relationships are, we each find someone we love to watch shine and silently sit in the background in awe thinking “i’m proud of you, you’re beautiful, I’m blessed to call you mine and I’ll quietly sit back and watch your dance and light touch others for the rest of our lives.” 

Having beard witness to hundreds of weddings there is nothing more beautiful to me than when a groom sits back in awe at his bride just quietly letting her shine and so thankful he gets to witness it for the rest of his life. 

I want that. 

Laura RoeslerComment