Mom! I did it!

When I moved to Minneapolis I knew 2 people, had a bank account with a very low 3 digits, lived in a one bedroom 250 sq ft apartment (yes, you read that right), shared a bathroom with other people on my floor, I cleaned people’s houses to afford a studio space and I worked from coffee shops because I couldn’t afford internet. 

I didn’t say all that so you would feel bad for me, I never felt bad for me. I was living and breathing my dream. My dream to be a photographer. I was determined to make whatever sacrifices necessary and just simply never gave up. 

I am where I am not because I’m pretty or smart. I travel where I do as often as I do for photography not because I’m better than you or anyone else. 

I have this life because I wanted it bad enough, I kept my head level and my hopes high. I haven’t been brave, I don’t do anything extraordinary- but what I’m really good at is failing and not letting it get to me, saying yes to the hard things and sacrificing when I need to. 

I’m saying all of this because I hope one person reads this and leaves this page saying - “she did it and so can I.” I hope one person finds the strength to keep pushing for their dreams. I hope one person who is about to give up doesn’t. If you’re that one person, I’d love to hear your story. Send me a message or post below. We all need to encourage each other 

Laura RoeslerComment