I'm not half-assing this life thing.

Im not going to half-ass this life thing, this human thing. I'm all in. 

We label our years as if they need an identity, explanation or dictionary definition. I don't want my pages to be neatly categorized by moments A to Z during year "x" and filed in a drawer only to be opened when my next year of life needs to be labeled and tucked away. 

I want my years to be a mess, to be me, to be human and to be full of life- mistakes, successes and failures. Undefined and continually changing, not easily categorized. I want each page to be full of sticky notes, passport stamps, coffee stains and scars held together by the shoe stings of my Nikes. Not a perfectly bound book with black ink to be filed into a drawer. 

Be a messy, smudged, barely held together journal on your nightstand to be written in and read before bed each night. Don't live a life of typed up and defined years to be categorized and put into a drawer that you'll never read. 

Laura RoeslerComment