Straight B student, at best.

I wasn’t a straight A student, maybe a straight B student at best. I would ace any creative assignment but if there were numbers or I needed to tell you what the pronoun or subject of sentence was- blank, I’d draw a blank. My parents applauded my creativity but teachers seemed to be more concerned with test grades that what my art project looked like. Understandable, I suppose. I never felt more known than when I dressed as Albert Einstein for an elementary school project. We needed to choose a person in history who we looked up to and give a speech about them. I picked Mr. Einstein. To me, as a child, he was the smartest man and also everything I felt I wasn’t. Upon researching him I found a quote of his that made my little heart and brain so excited, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but creativity.” HELL YES, Albert! Hellllll yes! I walked into class that day proud as any and feeling more known and intelligent than ever. 

This work here, this is my brain. This is how my mind works. Lights, backdrops, concept, movement, contrast, mood, direction and abundant creativity. Not numbers or symbols or a business card with a title. This is my mind and it took me so many years to be ok with it. I do hold a bachelors degree, which I painfully obtained. But more importantly to me, I have an imagination and creativity and I thank Albert for first telling me it was ok to be the way I am. 

Laura RoeslerComment